Simple solution to a messy problem

Columbia's local dealer in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Cushman Motors, was approached by a potential customer regarding the need for a Stock Chaser or IS12. The Customer owns a local Nursery and had purchased an electric vehicle several years ago. The vehicle they ordered was built with no additional modifications and was operating in harsh conditions requiring many repairs and significant downtime. The Nursery's vehicle was operating outdoors in areas of heavy mud which caused dirt and debris to be swept back into the controller and battery compartments.

In order to eliminate the repairs and downtime, Columbia created the Harsh Environment Package. This package includes an enclosed compartment for the controller and inner fender wheel wells limiting dirt and debris ability to enter into any of the service components of the vehicle. This package has enabled the customer to cutdown significantly on repair costs and vehicle downtime. This special package can be installed on most Columbia vehicles which serve in harsh operating environments.


Topics: Special Vehicles