Robust pure electric utility vehicles for any industrial environment

Our electric utility vehicles serve vital transport, burden carrying and towing roles within industrial facilities large and small. Whether you’re moving maintenance staff, supporting material handling processes, or any other industrial operation, our vehicles offer the power and capability to improve floor productivity and enhance overall efficiency, quietly, safely and emission-free.

maintenanceQuickly deploy maintenance staff on-site 
exclamation iconSafer, more efficient material handling 
icon-vehicleRobust, durable construction 
icon-chartROI, quantified 
chat iconBring every stakeholder into the conversation 
icon-connectBuild a strong relationship with your local dealer 

Quickly deploy maintenance staff on-site

Get maintenance staff and other key personnel to work faster by wasting less time getting there. Our transports deploy your team roughly three times faster than by foot. Combine our heavy-duty transport vehicles with a range of available options, such as our Tool Express Package, to keep staff on-task and operations running smoothly.

Safer, more efficient material handling

Modernize your material handling fleet with vehicles designed to replace dangerous, low-visibility forklifts. Our line of utility vehicles and heavy burden carriers like the Payloader are capable of handling this work and much more, all while making your operations safer and more efficient.

Robust, durable construction

We use the strongest materials in the industry to build vehicles that outlast the competition. With vehicles that have been in service for 30 years, our reputation for durability and dependability is second to none.

ROI, quantified

Resilience, range and efficiency all combine to provide significant long-term ROI. Our pure electric vehicles offer the best of both worlds: robust construction and high-efficiency power to minimize overhead costs.

Vehicle Costs

Easy configurability and multi-purpose design lets you tackle multiple tasks with a single vehicle. Streamline your fleet and make your budget go further.


Electric vehicles have fewer moving parts than vehicles with internal combustion engines, meaning less maintenance and greater overall reliability.

Long-Term Efficiency vs. Gas

Current and projected energy costs position electric as the long-term winner in cost efficiency. Free up more of your operating budget over the lifetime of your fleet.

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Bring every stakeholder into the conversation

Years of working with manufacturers, warehouses, and other industrial organizations has taught us that a successful vehicle fleet addresses the needs of each department that relies on it. Since these needs are often a moving target, we take full advantage of our highly-configurable and customizable vehicle line and work to highlight your departments’ evolving needs, ensuring your vehicles are equipped to address the needs of your team.

Build a strong relationship with your local dealer

Our extensive dealer network provides the local support and maintenance customers rely on to keep their fleet in top shape. We’ll find your nearest dealer and introduce you to the teams we trust to provide exceptional service for all of our vehicles.

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