A staple of the modern commercial fleet, the Utilitruck replaces repurposed golf carts with a vehicle designed and built to tackle the tasks deserving of a utility vehicle, quickly and efficiently.

Purpose-built and highly configurable, choose from a variety of available options or customize your fleet for mission-specific capabilities. Equipped with AC-powered electric drive, high-strength metal alloy frame, and adjustable bucket seats, it can move up to four passengers at a time while carrying or towing up to 1,500 pounds. Every Utilitruck is equipped with 4-wheel hydraulic brakes, an AC powered drive system, automotive lighting, controls and steering for safety and easy operation. The Utilitruck is available as a NEV which is street legal on roads with posted speed limits up to 35 MPH.


  • AC powered electric drive
  • Power steering
  • 4 wheel hydraulic brakes
  • High strength metal alloy frame
  • Adjustable bucket seats
  • 3 position steering wheel
  • Built-in, 110/240VAC charger
  • Wrap around tubular steel front bumper
  • Integral receiver hitch
  • Highly maneuverable

Popular options

  • All weather cab enclosure
  • Van bodies
  • Ladder racks
  • Second row seating
  • Deck extensions
  • Tow hitches
  • Paint colors
  • Heater / defroster
  • In-motion beeper
  • Heavy duty batteries



Step Height: 12.5 in.     
Load Bed Height: 26 in.    26 in.  
Ground Clearance: 7.5 in.     


Max Speed Forward: 19 MPH 25 MPH
Range: Up to 40 miles

Weight and Capacity

Vehicle Weight: 1,500 lbs.  1,650 lbs. 1,750 lbs.
Rated Capacity: 1,000 lbs. 1,500 lbs.
LSV Rated Capacity: 1,000 lbs.
1,250 lbs.   
1,150 lbs.   
Towing Capacity:
1,500 lbs.

Power Train

Motor: 48-volt, AC induction, NEMA class H temperature rated
Horsepower: 19 HP
Batteries: Eight, 6 volts, 232 amp hour, 122 minutes, deep cycle
Charger: On-board, micro-processor controlled, fully sealed, global, 100-230 VAC, 50/60 HZ
Controller Type: Programmable, solid state, reduced speed reverse with diagnostic LED & calibrator interface
Controller Rating: 450 amp
Motor Braking Mode: Regenerative and pedal proportional braking with top speed limiting
Directional Control: Fingertip directional control selection
Drive Unit/Differential:

Direct drive, automotive differential, 16.67:1 drive ratio

LSV: Direct drive, automotive differential, 12.62:1 drive ratio


Passenger Capacity: Two with up to six (optional second row seat and rear-facing seat)
Seating: Adjustable driver seat, fixed passenger seat, covered in marine grade vinyl with armrests
Body: Front: Rhino-Tuff™ molded polymer | Mid/Rear: Aluminum
Lighting: Dual high/low beam headlights, taillights, brake lights, self-canceling turn signals; emergency flashers
Accessories: Uniquely keyed in-column keyswitch; forward & reverse selector; multi-functional clear view display w/BDI; speedometer; horn; reverse warning alarm; hour meter; cup holders; storage compartments; comfort grip steering wheel; Automotive lighting package; windshield; mirrors; hard top roof; reflectors; dual DC/DC converters; 2-pt seat belts


Frame: High-strength steel channel rail “ladder-style” frame, electrostatically powder coated
Steering: Adaptive electric power steering
Brakes: 4 Wheel hydraulic, front discs, rear drums, automatic parking brake
Suspension: Front: Double A-arm, independent coil spring over shock absorbers | Rear: Trailing link with Panhard bar, independent coil spring over shock absorbers
Tires: 205/65-10 10-ply DOT-rated tire

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Features, options, specifications, color availability and model designation are subject to change without notice. Some vehicles are pictured with options that may be available at extra cost or may not be available on some models. Ask your dealer about the availability of options and verify that the vehicle you order includes the equipment you require.

  1. Range will vary depending upon load, temperature, terrain, driving style and battery pack selected.
  2. Rated capacity includes personnel, cargo, options and accessories.