Robust, rental-ready vehicles
for all-day use in any

Rental vehicles need to withstand punishing workloads all day, every day. With a range of options and custom configurations designed specifically for rentals, we ensure your customers are confident they’re getting the top quality, comfort and reliability available while making turnaround fast and easy for you. Maximize your investment in a top-of-the-line rental fleet with low-maintenance, easy-to-use electric vehicles that can be specially outfitted to withstand the demands of constant transport and use.

icon-vehicleExtra durability and range for heavy, all-day use and fast turnaround 
icon-customCustom configurations to fit any customer need 
icon-avatarClose, proactive customer support 
icon-chartROI, quantified 
icon-bowtieImpress your customers with capability, comfort and style 
icon-connectConnect with local dealers 

Extra durability and range for heavy, all-day use and fast turnaround

We build extra support into our rental vehicles to expedite vehicle transport and delivery. Our vehicles can be built to hold up under virtually any conditions, making work tasks and loading fast, easy, and low-impact. Combine this with Columbia’s long-range electric power capabilities to maximize uptime and keep your vehicles performing in top condition all day long.

Custom configurations to fit any customer need

Match your customer sets with custom builds or go a step further with the ability to transform your vehicles and tackle multiple tasks in the field. Configurable features and attachable add-ons enable your customers to do more with less, whether it’s pulling up an extra row of seats, snapping a lift on a burden carrier, or any other on-site modification.

Close, proactive customer support

We work closely to provide the level of support your fleet needs. From on-demand issue resolution to design tweaks, service bulletins, and product updates, we’ll protect your reputation for quality by making sure you have the support you need to ensure your fleet is operating at all times.

ROI, quantified

Resilience, range and efficiency all combine to provide significant long-term ROI. Our pure electric vehicles offer the best of both worlds: robust design and construction and high-efficiency power to minimize overhead costs.

Vehicle Costs

Easy configurability and multi-purpose design lets you tackle multiple tasks with a single vehicle. Streamline your fleet and make your budget go further.


Electric vehicles have fewer moving parts than vehicles with internal combustion engines, meaning less maintenance and greater overall reliability.

Long-Term Efficiency vs. Gas

Current and projected energy costs position electric as the long-term winner in cost efficiency. Free up more of your operating budget over the lifetime of your fleet.

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Impress your customers with capability, comfort and style

Your rental fleet should reflect your commitment to creating exceptional customer experiences. All of our vehicles come standard with a range of features to provide impressive capability, easy handling and style for any user in any application with full customization options for those who need even more.

Connect with local dealers

Get the local support your team relies on to keep vehicles ready for work every day. We’ll find your nearest dealer and introduce you to the teams we trust to provide exceptional service for all of our vehicles.



Columbia has consistently provided our company a level of quality and confidence we are proud to provide to our customers. We also have found their equipment to be very well received by multiple trades and industries.
— Allen Holland

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