Move, carry, and tow with power and efficiency

Columbia’s pure electric utility vehicles are designed and built for long life cycles and maximum capability in any environment.

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Meet the Payloader PRO
ACpower Expediter
Acpower Stockchaser

Meet Columbia's NEW Payloader PRO

The Columbia Payloader PRO is built for work and comfort. Perfectly at home in both industrial and commercial spaces, this addition to the Payloader family brings tried and true versatility & reliability, with aesthetics and tools for modern work. Read all about it in our latest BLOG!

About Columbia

Columbia Vehicle Group, Inc. is an electric vehicle manufacturer based in Reedsburg, Wisconsin whose history dates back to 1946. Columbia’s driving force is building constructive relationships that equip our partners for success. We manufacture vehicles built for work in industrial and commercial environments and engineer solutions that enhance productivity, comfort, and utility. Columbia’s vehicles optimize performance in transporting, carrying, and towing - all with zero emissions.

Columbia Vehicle Group is part of the Nordic Group of Companies, a family-owned management and manufacturing business headquartered in Baraboo, Wisconsin with operations extending throughout the United States, Mexico and Europe. For more information visit the Nordic Group Member Companies.

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Move People

When people walk instead of ride, operations slow, guest experiences suffer, and time wasted turns into money lost. No matter how many people you need to move, our electric vehicles get them where they need to be quickly and reliably.

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Carry Cargo

Capable burden carrying is an integral part of any material handling system. Our pure electric vehicles handle thousands of pounds of material indoors and out, in the tightest of spaces, all without emissions or noise pollution.

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Tow Loads

Towing with a vehicle designed for something else means more wear and higher costs. Our dedicated towing vehicles give you the cost savings and the maneuverability you need while handling loads in the tens of thousands of pounds.

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Go custom CUSTOM

If you need it, we’ll build it. We specialize in meeting the needs of unique work environments and can custom build vehicles to suit your specific needs. Our team draws on years of experience building and manufacturing custom vehicles for a wide range of customers to help you create the perfect transport solution for your environment.

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