Move staff, supplies and more, comfortably and quietly, all day long.

Resorts demand a lot from their vehicle fleets. Columbia's multi-use pure electric vehicles can be configured to load, transport, and deliver personnel and supplies anywhere they need to go, quickly and quietly throughout the day. Rather than repurposing golf carts, which can lead to disorganized, hard-to-reach inventory, our custom-fit vehicle storage units give every supply a dedicated space, making deployment fast and easy. Columbia vehicles are also great for comfortably shuttling small groups between units and tackling utility tasks, both indoors and out. All-weather cab enclosures and high-strength frames offer protection from weather and corrosion while street-legal LSV options let you go just about anywhere.

Asset 13Customize and configure to fit any custodial, housekeeping, or hospitality need 
icon-vehicleEasy, discreet shuttling in multi-unit environments 
icon-chartROI, quantified 
Asset 5Street-legal 
maintenanceVehicles built for your environment 
Asset 14All-day range 

Customize and configure to fit any custodial, housekeeping, or hospitality need

Resorts have long to-do lists that can change at a moment’s notice. Our vehicles can be outfitted with custom storage units and mobile toolboxes for regular supply replenishment as well as configurable storage features that enable operators to easily transform vehicles for changing needs throughout the day. Modular racks keep everything movable, making it easy to swap linens and toiletries out for larger equipment like vacuums and carpet cleaners.

Easy, discreet shuttling in multi-unit environments

Moving housekeeping and maintenance staff around larger resorts and condominiums can be an all-day challenge. Our pure electric shuttles save time moving from unit to unit by foot, boosting efficiency while increasing the carrying capacity of each staff member.

ROI, quantified

Resilience, range and efficiency all combine to provide significant long-term ROI. Our pure electric vehicles offer the best of both worlds: robust construction and high-efficiency power to minimize overhead costs.

Vehicle Costs

Easy configurability and multi-purpose design lets you tackle multiple tasks with a single vehicle. Streamline your fleet and make your budget go further.


Electric vehicles have fewer moving parts than vehicles with internal combustion engines, meaning less maintenance and greater overall reliability.

Long-Term Efficiency vs. Gas

Current and projected energy costs position electric as the long-term winner in cost efficiency. Free up more of your operating budget over the lifetime of your fleet.

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Available street-legal LSV options let you access public roads in and around your campus. As law enforcement agencies intensify their crackdown on campus vehicles, you can ensure your vehicles are in compliance with today's laws and whatever comes tomorrow.

Vehicles built for your environment

Repurposed golf carts rarely offer a long-term solution outside of the golf course. Unlike golf carts, our vehicles are designed specially to handle the terrain, load size, and all-day work demands of a commercial utility vehicle, giving you a fleet that will do more and last longer.

All-day range

Our high-capacity electric systems eliminate the painful choice between long range operating capability and quiet, energy-efficient power. Use our vehicles all day long without interruption, totally free of emissions for use indoors and out.

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