Payloader with Custom Tanker and Air Pump

Payloader With Custom Tanker and Air Pump Get The Job Done Right!


Columbia, along with our dealer Toyota Material Handling of Ohio, designed a custom-engineered solution for a nuclear technology facility. This facility handles Navy and other high profile contracts, and has to adhere to strict standards and procedures, so when they began the process of finding an alternative vehicle for their needs, it was of the utmost importance to find a vehicle that met the safety and performance requirements they were looking for.

Previously, the facility was using a bulky, gas vehicle with an upright mounted tank and gas pump. Since both the vehicle and pump were gas powered, they required a great deal of upkeep and maintenance. Additionally, the excessive noise and fumes that came with each use created potential harm to employees, as the vehicle is used primarily indoors to cycle out coolant in the facility’s tanks. The upright tank and bulky vehicle design also had lots of blind spots with difficult maneuverability. The facility was looking to resolve all of these issues for a healthier and more efficient work environment for everyone.

So, when Shawn at Toyota Material Handling of Ohio was faced with solving these issues, he knew the answer! Columbia’s Payloader fit the needs of his customer perfectly! The Payloader is 100% electric power and has best in class safety features. The Payloader is maneuverable, easy to maintain, causes no noise or exhaust pollution, and is tough enough to handle the job.

Shawn believes that listening to the customer’s needs is key to finding the right solution for the job, the first time. “I like to do a site audit and really get in there with the customer. When a customer explains what they’re doing now, and what they would like to be able to do, I can find the best solution possible to make that happen.”

Shawn reached out to Elliot Manufacturing who created a custom, air-powered, high volume pump (30 gallons in 60 seconds). The operator simply needs to hook up a hose to the nearest air bib and the pump is ready to go! No more excessive noise or fumes! The tank and pump mount were specially fabricated so that it can be removed for maintenance. In addition to all of the specialty work that Toyota Material Handling organized for this unit, they also created a safety and operations manual and provided on-site training at the facility.

Columbia is very excited to be part of this custom solution! We love to bring inspired solutions that move our customers into reality, especially when it improves the work conditions for employees and provides a more sustainable transportation solution for our customers.

For more custom engineered solutions or if you are in need of special requirements please contact your local dealer.

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