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Columbia’s line of electric vehicles offers powerful, efficient capability for a variety of transportation and material handling tasks. Identify your need below to find the right vehicle for the job or build your own through our custom vehicle service.

Move People

When people walk instead of ride, operations slow, guest experiences suffer, and time wasted turns into money lost. No matter how many people you need to move, our electric vehicles get them where they need to be quickly and reliably.

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Carry cargo

Capable carrying vehicles are an integral part of any material handling system. Our pure electric carriers handle thousands of pounds of material indoors and out, in the tightest of spaces, all without emissions or noise pollution.

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Tow loads

Towing with a vehicle designed for other tasks means shorter life cycles and higher costs. Our dedicated towing vehicles give you the hauling power and maneuverability you need while providing cost savings by protecting the longevity of your fleet.

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Go custom CUSTOM

If you need it, we’ll build it. We specialize in meeting the needs of unique work environments and can custom build vehicles to suit your specific needs. Our team draws on years of experience building custom vehicles for a wide range of customers to help you create the perfect transport solution for your environment.

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