Overcome your industry's unique vehicle challenges.

Columbia's pure electric vehicles boost productivity and operational efficiency throughout a wide range of industries. Find your space below and learn how our vehicles solve unique problems.


Our electric utility vehicles serve vital transport roles within industrial facilities large and small. Whether you’re supporting assembly processes, warehouse activities, or any other industrial operation, our vehicles offer the power and capability to improve floor productivity and enhance overall efficiency, quietly and emission-free.

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Columbia has been equipping local governments with safe, efficient and adaptable utility vehicles for decades. We work closely to understand each department’s needs, specifications, and budget to configure a vehicle solution that solves unique and varied problems while setting your agency up for cost savings through efficient, pure electric power.

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Colleges & Universities

Columbia’s expansive line of pure electric vehicles give colleges and universities an environmentally-friendly, street-legal solution to virtually any transport need on campus, indoors and out. Get the maneuverability, speed, comfort, range and ease-of-use campus departments and grounds staff need to tackle any task, all day long.

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Columbia's multi-use pure electric vehicles offer a solution for every need, from deploying hospitality staff and supplies to transporting guests and other key personnel. Safely and comfortably shuttle groups large and small while tackling grounds maintenance, security and more with highly-configurable commercial accessories that replace trucks and other large vehicles with a cost-efficient, discreet alternative.

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Rental vehicles need to withstand punishing workloads all day long. With a range of options and custom configurations, we ensure your users are confident they’re getting the highest quality, comfort and reliability available. Our entire line of pure electric vehicles is designed with long-term ROI in mind, providing low-maintenance and high reliability to maximize your investment in a top-of-the-line rental fleet.

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Personal Use

Learn more about our Tomberlin line of pure electric vehicles, designed specifically for private use.

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Other Areas Served

Need solutions in another space? Find other industries that rely on Columbia vehicles when building efficient, capable utility fleets.

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