Move students, staff and material across campus and public roads, quickly and safely

Columbia’s expansive line of pure electric vehicles give colleges and universities an environmentally-friendly solution to virtually any transport need on campus, indoors and out. Get the maneuverability, speed, comfort, range and ease-of-use campus departments and grounds staff need to tackle any task, all day long.

icon-vehicleFully sustainable, emission-free electric vehicle 
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Fully sustainable, emission-free electric vehicle

Our pure electric vehicles are a perfect fit for sustainable campuses. All of our vehicles use zero fossil fuels, emit no greenhouse gasses, and integrate with all types of clean grid sources, whether purchased or generated on-site. With pure electric power, you can eliminate fuel storage and hazardous waste management.


Available street-legal LSV options let you access public roads in and around your campus. As law enforcement agencies intensify their crackdown on campus vehicles, you can ensure your vehicles are in compliance. 

ROI, quantified

Upgrading to fully electric utility vehicles is an investment realized through greater productivity, enhanced efficiency, and lower maintenance costs. We help you paint a complete picture of your ROI with a pure electric fleet.

Vehicle Costs

Easy configurability and multi-purpose design lets you tackle multiple tasks with a single vehicle. Streamline your fleet and make your budget go further.


Electric vehicles have fewer moving parts than vehicles with internal combustion engines, meaning less maintenance and greater overall reliability.

Long-Term Efficiency vs. Gas

Current and projected energy costs position electric as the long-term winner in cost efficiency. Free up more of your operating budget over the lifetime of your fleet.

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Meet all your vehicle needs across campus

Campus fleets have to solve problems for everyone who gets behind the wheel. Knowing these needs are often moving targets, we take full advantage of our highly-configurable vehicle options and custom services to provide vehicles that accomplish today’s tasks and whatever comes tomorrow.

Simplify with a single source provider

We partner with campuses to meet virtually every campus vehicle work need across every department. Our vehicle line encompasses nearly all transport, carrying or towing task colleges and universities tackle every day.

Connect with local dealers

Get the local support your team relies on to keep vehicles ready for work every day. We’ll find your nearest dealer and introduce you to the teams we trust to provide exceptional service for all of our vehicles.


We found that our electric vehicles were getting 3 cents per mile for cost for energy compared to internal combustion engines which was approximately costing us 30-35 cents per mile in fuel. We are using them in our grounds and landscaping. People were using them in building services. We have reclaimers, electricians, [and] custodians [that] now have front door access to the building.
— Jim Ruby, Fleet Manager University of California San Diego

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