Maneuverable, high-capacity tow platforms for loads large and small.

Effective on-site or in-plant towing is essential for moving loads large and small. Unlike forklifts and other non-ideal alternatives, our vehicles are designed to tow heavy loads through spaces others simply can’t reach. Pure electric power makes material movement both quiet and fume-free. All vehicles offer a range of options and configurability to achieve the perfect balance of capability for the tasks you tackle all day long.


The Payloader is a large-capacity towing and carrying vehicle that brings a new level of maneuverability to vehicles of its class. With a rated towing capacity of up to seven tons, and a range of carrying capacities from 2,400 to 5,200 pounds, the Payloader can handle all kinds of loads with optional extra seating and carrying capacity for special applications and extra heavy requirements. Exceptional maneuverability, pure electric power storage, and the same steel chassis used throughout our vehicle line offer an unmatched level of access, range, and ruggedness.



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Payloader PRO

The Payloader PRO brings the durability and versatility of the Payloader to commercial spaces. With AC Drive standard, it gives you the torque you need to handle hills and grades with ease. The Payloader PRO is designed with coilover shock front suspension so it will glide through your worksite without compromising towing and cargo capacities. 



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The Stockchaser Tugger can haul incredibly heavy loads in spaces that are simply too tight for most other high-capacity towing vehicles. A powerful 48-volt pure electric power system and 133-inch turning radius make it the perfect choice for towing up to 6,000 pounds just about anywhere––all day long. An adjustable backrest and stand-up operation provide safety and comfort all day long while tubular steel chassis and steel body panels make it as rugged as it is maneuverable.



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The Expediter tows loads up to 1,000 pounds just about anywhere. Its narrow design, tight turning radius and impressive capacity rating enables you to deliver payloads through tight spots right up to the job site. A standard fold-down seat back converts the Expediter into a two-person transport, making it perfect for pulling double duty in any kind of facility. A variety of available options allow us to match just the right Expediter to your specific requirements.

move up to 2 passengers, rated capacity up to 750lbs, range up to 25 miles, tow up to 1000lbs

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A staple of commercial fleets, the Utilitruck offers over one thousand pounds of towing capacity in addition to being a safe and comfortable personnel transport and cargo carrier. It comes equipped with a range of options to fit any indoor or outdoor work setting and comes standard with AC-powered electric drive, high-strength metal alloy frame, and adjustable bucket seats. Find the size and configuration you need to tow and carry all types of loads in any environment.

move 4 passengers, capacity 1250 lbs, range 40 miles, tow 1500 lbs

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Custom Platform

The Multi-Vehicle Platform can be configured hundreds of different ways to fit your unique, towing and cargo carrying needs. Drive axles and battery packs can be set in optional positions to dial in the perfect mix of payload balance, capacity, range, and turning performance. In addition to towing up to 6,000 pounds, it can also carry just as much on its highly-customizable carrying platform.

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Features, options, specifications, color availability and model designation are subject to change without notice. Some vehicles are pictured with options that may be available at extra cost or may not be available on some models. Ask your dealer about the availability of options and verify that the vehicle you order includes the equipment you require.

Range will vary depending upon load, temperature, terrain, driving style and battery pack selected.