Payloader with seating for six passengers

Columbia’s dealer, Electric Movement, was recently working together with the City of San Jose to create a special vehicle. The City was in need of a vehicle to transport passengers for the means of touring the local Waste Water Treatment Plant. This vehicle also needed to be able to tow another 6 passenger trailer for larger tour groups. They needed all seats to be facing forward and requested that the vehicle be built using Taylor Dunn specifications since that was the manufacturer they were previously working with.

Columbia constructed this special vehicle using the Payloader platform and built all 6 seats facing forward. The City of San Jose was a first time customer of Columbia and, was so satisfied with the end result, they ordered 7 of these special vehicles. The City has also gone on to order several Summit 4s with hard door enclosures for tours given to Executives of the City. They were very pleased with not only the quality of the doors but also the automotive feel of the vehicle.


Topics: Special Vehicles