Navigating the Airport: How Columbia Can Help You Help Your Personnel and Passengers

Some of the largest airports and airlines in the world rely on Columbia Vehicles to transport passengers, cargo, and equipment day in and day out.  

Transportation Inside the Airport

Columbia Stockchaser’s Transport model is popular inside the airport because it can seat and move up to six passengers at once and its small form factor allows it to move through large passenger and freight elevators. Its exceptional maneuverability and narrow design helps it to navigate busy terminals while moving passengers safely and efficiently. With the stand-up position of the operator, they are able to see ahead of the vehicle over the seated passengers to navigate effortlessly around any upcoming hazards or obstacles. It is available with optional strobe lights and in-motion beeper for added awareness and safety around pedestrians. 


Additionally, Columbia’s Chariot is a single person, stand-up operated transport vehicle engineered to streamline operations and optimize productivity for security, maintenance, and manager personnel needing a quiet, emission-free mode of transportation inside the terminal. At an impressive speed of up to 9MPH, it travels at a pace three times faster than walking, enabling you to save precious time and conserve energy while navigating through a bustling airport to reach your destination promptly.

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Maintenance Tasks Inside and Outside

Columbia’s Expediter is also ideal in airports to deploy technicians and their equipment where they are needed. Expediter is a dream for maintenance staff when they need to get to a problem quickly and without the need to park a large vehicle. When the need arises for an extra hand, the fold-down backrest conveniently transforms into an additional seat, providing a practical solution for another team member to ride along. The 21.5”L x 26”W cargo deck is perfect for carrying small parts and tools, and the Expediter is small enough to fit through most doorways. 

Columbia’s Payloader is another airport staple. Ground support jobs can require more tools, and bigger equipment.The Payloader offers a 76”L x 45”W  deck with a capacity up to 4,000lbs and towing capacity up to 18,000 lbs. Its optional second row seating makes it a versatile vehicle when you need additional staff for conquering special projects and routine maintenance with ease. 


Small Airfield Applications

Airports big and small rely on Columbia electric vehicles day in and day out. Our  Payloader Super Duty has been used in small airfields in lieu of a tug to move planes and manage hangar logistics.  In a small airfield setting, versatility is key. Payloader's range of options enable you to do everything you need to with just one vehicle: from moving baggage and equipment on the tarmac, to towing carts and trailers, to transporting personnel where they are needed

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Take Your Team's Productivity to New Heights

Elevate your airfield operations with Columbia electric vehicles. To learn more about our vehicle line up and request a demo, visit our website today!




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