Columbia's Warehouse/Material Handling Solutions!

Columbia’s Industrial lineup meets the requirements of numerous tasks for distribution centers and warehouses. Models like the Payloader, Expediter, and Stockchaser serve key purposes for material handlers. Not only are they built for specific tasks, but the versatility offered will streamline your fleet to maximize efficiency in your warehouse. Combine these adaptive and intuitive models with Columbia’s resources for innovation and customization and you’ve got a fleet-building ability you’ve only dreamed of!

Versatile Forklift Alternatives

Columbia’s industrial vehicles are engineered to close the gap between your forklifts or larger vehicles and a simple dolly or cart. While forklifts embody the performance needed for many jobs, their bulky profile can prove dangerous in congested, narrow spaces, especially with the compromised visibility of a forklift operator. Additionally, you may find limitations in maneuverability with traditional forklifts. That’s where Columbia comes in. Our lineup is designed to fulfill the tasks that forklifts may not complete. Whether you are adding maneuverable compliments to your forklift fleets or replacing them entirely, Columbia has you covered!



The Stockchaser’s DNA is built on maneuverability through small aisles while providing maximum cargo space and capacity. The large deck can be utilized for your heavy loads or for stacking/sorting products efficiently. If the Stockchaser fills your needs for a narrow vehicle, you can also utilize it for your towing needs with a towing capacity of up to 6,000 pounds! 

Stockchaser Warehouse



The Expediter punches above its’ weight class, and is capable of much more than you might think! Though space is limited, versatility and productivity are maximized with the optional flip-down passenger seat, rated capacity up to 750 pounds, and towing capacity up to 1,000 pounds!

Expediter Distribution Center



The robust Payloader offers maximum power in Columbia’s lineup and seamlessly bridges the gap between your forklift fleet and your smaller machinery or manual handling equipment. When you’re moving goods horizontally, the Payloader is the ideal, safe vehicle with more visibility offered than bulkier material handlers. The Payloader is offered in several configurations to address your specific requirements, but with maximum rated load capacities of up 4,000 pounds and up to 18,000 pounds towing capacity, you’ll be hauling your largest loads, all while maintaining greater maneuverability than your traditional material handling equipment. 

Payloader Factory


Build Your Perfect Fleet

With decades of experience providing flexible material handling solutions, Columbia’s lineup has evolved to be intuitive to the general needs of warehouses; however, if you find additional demands for your team's fleet, Columbia’s Custom-Engineered Solutions program is ready to cater a fleet to your exact work! From minor options or features, to completely customized equipment storage, get in touch with our team about your material handling fleet needs.


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