Custom industrial vacuum truck upfit

Columbia Par Car continues to expand its business throughout the United States but one of the most recent Success Stories occurred with a company right in Columbia's backyard. MEE Material Handling Equipment in Milwaukee, Wisconsin worked with CECOR Incorporated to meet a very specific need. CECOR needed a vehicle to hold one of their vacuum tanks for use in their industrial applications.

The Specials Team at Columbia chose the MVP platform because of its 6,000 pound load capacity. Many modifications were needed in order to hold the large vacuum tank. Engineering reduced the length of the deck area on the vehicle to 91 inches and increased the width of the deck to 54 inches to accommodate the special size of the vacuum tank. Special reinforcement of the deck area was also needed to be completed with the use of cross sectional supports.

CECOR also wanted the vehicle to be equipped with a fire extinguisher and Propane (LP) Tank. Columbia met this request by modifying the vehicle to a single passenger vehicle with a bulkhead just behind the single passenger and space for the fire extinguisher and future storage in the second passenger's place. This special vehicle created by Columbia saves CECOR both time and money compared to the previous vehicle they were using. CECOR has since quoted 2 of these vehicles to their customers and have added a cab to this unit to meet further storage needs.

Topics: Special Vehicles