Columbia USA: The Leader In Personal Service

Personal Service is a fundamental operating principle of Columbia and is yet another aspect of what sets us apart from the competition. The world is going faster every day, and while technology helps us cope with this reality, it is also a key reason our world is becoming less personal. Thats why we have taken steps to ensure that while we embrace technology, we also retain the best of yesteryear: personal service and individual relationships.

Direct Access To Serve You Better

We've all been frustrated by automated phone systems, emails not being answered fast enough, wrong responses, etc. Thats why we provide direct access to the person(s) you need to reach. Whether it is Scott, our COO, or a key department head, we provide their direct phone number so that you can obtain the information you need when you need it.

We monitor how we are doing in call wait response time (usually none). And we have continual internal training to help each employee know everything they need to serve our customers.

We even include a Meet The Team hanger with each unit shipped so that you know who dedicated their time and effort to provide the finest electric work vehicle made today.  

Reach Out To Customers

We are unique in proactively reaching out to our customers to serve them and to make sure their vehicles are performing the job they purchased them to do. This starts at delivery. Our shipment follow-up process makes sure the vehicles have arrived in perfect condition. If something has happened during delivery, we fix it.

We also conduct customer visits to determine how vehicles are performing and to monitor their life expectancy. This helps us to ensure that each customers fleet of electric work vehicles is performing at or above their expectations.

Recently we established a concierge team of professionals to reach out to customers periodically to just say hello, to make sure that they are satisfied with their vehicles, and to determine if they need anything to keep them operating at 100%.

The Best Approach To Sales

Our approach to sales is not to just sell a unit, but also to make sure that it is the right vehicle for the jobs at hand.

All of our sales personnel are educated about each unit we offer and utilize a consultative approach to help ensure that the right vehicle is recommended for the job at hand. This is one of the reasons why Columbia is the undisputed leader in customization and innovation. We will modify vehicle specs to ensure that what a customer purchases will do a superior job for the task at hand. Our service focus is the impetus for our leadership positions in customization and innovation.

The Customer Is King

Personal service and relationship building are very important aspects of our operating philosophy. We want to develop long lasting relationships with our customers by providing superior products and superior service every day. We not only have continuous training programs to ensure our team members have the knowledge they need to perform their jobs, but we are also very selective in who we hire. We hire only those who have a focus on serving others. While we live our vision of providing Inspired Solutions That Move Our Customers, we also believe it is equally important to treat others as we would like to be treated. Life is about quality relationships, and our goal is to deliver on these core values with each customer and vehicle we deliver.

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