Columbia and Your Green Thumb

The beauty of nature is everywhere, it’s no wonder we want to be surrounded by it in our everyday lives. This desire is so strong that we find ways to bring nature indoors, from that cactus on your desk, to the roses you bought your significant other, even to that basil plant you have sitting on your kitchen counter. But where did all of these plants come from? Do you know what kind of dirty and laborious work goes into getting them to you?

The answers to both of those questions can be found in greenhouses and nurseries. Each of these businesses caters to different types of flora and therefore have specialized transportation needs. The product they work with is living, so it is essential that they are able to transport items with care, in a timely fashion.  

Jouneyman-2XL-GreenhouseThis is where Columbia comes in. Columbia vehicles are tough enough to out-perform the competition yet safe enough to handle the delicate needs of the plants. Additionally, all of Columbia’s transportation solutions are 100% electric. This means there are no tailpipe emissions, which could damage the plants, and there is no noise pollution to potentially interrupt the customer experience.

Nurseries need to be able to haul everything from large trees and saplings to shovels and stakes. Columbia vehicles can be engineered with a variety of beds to accommodate those needs. For instance, the Columbia Payloader, with dump bed, is perfect for hauling soil, fertilizer, and large trees.  While our Utilitruck, with drop side rails, is ideal for hauling saplings and equipment. Since nurseries primarily operate outdoors, it is essential that vehicles are able to handle uneven terrain. Traveling from asphalt to dirt or gravel can take its toll on a vehicle’s suspension, however, Columbia uses a more robust suspension system that is built to withstand the rough and tumble ways of everyday nursery work.

Greenhouses have slightly different needs. Typically plants are smaller and stored in tighter quarters, both indoors and out, so a vehicle with more finesse offers a better solution. The Stockchaser is a great example of a vehicle that can do it all! It has a bed to haul or carry, a tight turning radius, and up to 6,000 lbs. towing capacity. It also fits through a standard doorway. For the larger jobs of hauling dirt, hoses, and other equipment, the Journeyman 2X is another great way to get the job done.

Payloader landscaping shrubsSince the labor performed by workers in the greenhouses and nurseries are intense, operator comfort is a must! Columbia ensures that safety and comfort are taken care of. Columbia uses marine grade vinyl seating to withstand even the toughest elements. Practically every seat is adjustable for the shortest to tallest of operators. Adjustability is only the tip of the iceberg for Columbia’s safety features. Our vehicles offer 360 degree visibility, seat belt options, highly visible paint, horns and beepers, and more!

The variety of work that goes into the greenhouses and nurseries to bring nature into your office, home, and local park are vast. From hauling fertilizer and spades to transplanting flowers and loading trees, Columbia has the vehicle for the job! Columbia’s electric utility vehicle line up can get the job done easier and more efficiently with operator safety and comfort in mind. Combine this with the wide range of vehicles Columbia offers and the countless customizable options to cater to your every need, and you can trust that our sustainable transportation solutions will get the job done in your greenhouse or nursery!

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