Columbia and you - corporate co-branding

Corporate branding is an important part of most companies. Columbia is proud to be able to offer companies several ways to carry their brand into their transportation fleet. We use a combination of custom paint colors, vinyl decals, and custom laser cut panels to make vehicles which are just another extension of our customers strong brands.

Columbia's Custom Team can match just about any paint color with our state of the art in house paint matching system and paint booth. Custom paint is available on any of the vehicles in Columbia's line excluding the Mega. Several customers who have taken advantage of custom paint jobs recently include AHERN, King Equipment, Disney, Google, Caesars Palace, Pepsi, and Fastenal.

Custom vinyl decaling can be completed at the factory using customer supplied one or two color artwork which is cut on our computer controlled vinyl cutter with long life vinyl or customer supplied decals installed with a steady hand and critical eye. Sometimes these decals are as simple as a unit number or as complex as a full wrap on one of our van bodies.

Laser cutting is also completed in house and the Custom Team can match any logo desired. The laser cutting can be in the actual vehicle itself or on a plate that is secured to the side of the vehicle depending on the desired effect and customer's budget. Laser cutting is available on any vehicle in the product line with a metal body.

Corporate branding is another way Columbia is providing its customers with a unique transportation solution that matches their unique needs.


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