The Strut Monster: Luxury Meets The Outdoors

Tomberlins history can be traced back to 1946 with the founding of what is now Columbia Vehicle Group (CVG), and Tomberlin is proud to be part of the CVG lineage. Columbia Vehicle Groups history also intertwines with industry leaders such as Westinghouse and Harley Davidson. CVG leads the way in the electric vehicle industry in customization, green solutions, innovation, safety and more! You wont find more robust or ready-to-drive vehicles than those manufactured by Columbia Vehicle Group.  

Tomberlin is known for its luxury and style, and the Strut Monster is no exception to these expectations. The Strut Monster is engineered to combine the love of the outdoors with Tomberlin's design and versatility. The Strut Monster is 100% electric, making it noiseless and environmentally friendly with no smelly gas emissions. It is also equipped with a strong and stable tubular steel exoskeleton and both front multi-leaf spring, dual shocks, and rear dual coil spring, dual shocks, making for an exceptionally smooth ride, all while keeping your supplies secure. The Strut Monster has a max speed of 15 MPH and a distance rating of up to 40 miles on a single charge, allowing it to go farther, longer.

Being 100% electric has many environmental and economic benefits, and with an average cost of only 3 cents per mile, the Tomberlin Strut Monster can save hundreds of dollars a year in fuel costs alone. Also, with no messy lubricants or oil to deal with, you wont have to worry about any of the hazardous wastes that come with traditional combustion engines. An on-board smart charger makes it easy to plug the Strut Monster into a standard 12-volt outlet, and with a regenerative motor braking, any unused energy is recycled back into the battery. 

Storage isn't a problem on the Strut Monster, with front and rear cargo decks that provide more than enough room to haul a blind, firearm, harvest, and other supplies. Two glove compartments keep those smaller belongings safe and dry.

The Strut Monster is covered with Mossy Oak Obsession camouflage, and comes with both front and rear 2" X 2" prewired hitch receivers and a winch. Intuitive controls, side rails, and an optional suntop add to the high standard of safety that is found throughout the Strut Monster. The seats are marine grade vinyl, made to withstand the elements of any terrain you might encounter. These features and more ensure that you and the Strut Monster are ready for anything the trail has to offer!

Safe, simple, rugged, and powerful - these are what makes the Tomberlin Strut Monster the ideal UTV for turkey hunters!

For more information about the Strut Monster click here or visit your local dealer.

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