Inspiring The Next Generation With STEM Robots

On Friday, February 1, 2019, employees of Columbia Vehicle Group in Reedsburg, WI visited Mrs. Stacy Stecker’s 2nd grade classroom at Pineview Elementary with a very special delivery! As a result of the funds raised through their Community Christmas Raffle Fundraiser, the employees of Columbia Vehicle Group were able to deliver enough robots so that all Mrs. Stecker’s students can now work with STEM robots in pairs and simultaneously (something previously impossible with just 2 classroom robots!). Along with the robots, the employees of Columbia Vehicle Group also provided Mrs. Stecker’s students with robot accessories such as xylophones and catapults!

According to Mrs. Stecker, with the robots and accessories, her students will learn to write code and then quickly see the results of those programs in the robots’ actions! Students will then have the skills to transition into more challenging aspects of coding, such as writing programs that are within specific parameters in order to solve a problem.

One reason Mrs. Stecker became a teacher was to inspire students to “”Be Brave and Try!” Her hope is that not only will her students benefit from the robots, but that many other students at Pineview Elementary will be able to use the robots too! She and her students are excited to “try all sorts of different things to find out how we can all become great engineers!”

Mrs. Stecker feels that the benefits of coding go beyond simply making a robot react, and that working with the robots will have a lasting impact on students for many years to come. “Students’ brains, at this age, are better able to learn new languages and coding is a language that they can learn now for future use. The amazing thing about these robots is that the apps available make it so easy for students to learn complex coding languages. I hope that they will begin to build that coding language so that they are unafraid to try careers that may include robotics, engineering and technology.”

Mrs. Stecker has been using technology, including iPads and STEM Robots, for 5 years, and feels that using technology in the classroom is not only rewarding for her students, but also allows students “to problem solve and be creative, while promoting teamwork and communication. But most of all, it instills persistence.” Everyone at Columbia Vehicle Group hopes that the persistence and creativity students learn will help and encourage them for years to come, and maybe even inspire some of them to come design and build the next generation of electric work vehicles with us here at Columbia!


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Columbia Vehicle Group team members donate STEM robots to elementary school classroom

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