Columbia Is Ready For An Emergency, Are You?

Can you think of an event you have attended where you've seen emergency services of some kins? A first aid tent, EMS personnel, or an ambulance stationed in the parking lot? Everywhere we go we are surrounded by people that serve our communities. These people need to have the proper tools to do their jobs efficiently and safely because lives depend of their every move. Columbia understands the complexities and challenges that emergency services teams face on the job and has put features in place to anticipate those challenges.

Columbia's Ambulance Package comes with all the features your emergency services team will need. The extended deck space provides ample room for a backboard, equipment and people. The oxygen tank mount and side rails ensure everything stays in place. The attendant seat provides space for emergency personnel to care for the patient while in transit, and teh safety light, bright white paint, custom emergency decals, and medical insignia provide plenty of visibility to bystanders, ensuring their safety as well.

As the 'King of Customization', Columbia is known for engineering one-of-a-kind designs. This flexibility in design allows for the best fit vehicle for your needs. Columbia Summit Utilitruck Ambulance SideEvery establishment, park, or venue is different and therefore the vehicles they need should be selected with care. Outdoor venues may need weather gear, indoor venues may need special lights, or you may be looking for custom paint colors which is why Columbia offers site evaluations and custom engineered solutions to ensure the vehicle you get is the vehcle you need.

Knowing the challenges an emergency services team faces, along with the capabilities of Columbia's safety, upfits, and customization, you can rest assured that when your team is called to action they will be equipped and ready with Columbia's ambulance upfit.

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