Columbia Honors Award Recipients At Partner Conference

Columbia would once again like to congratulate all of our dealers on a fantastic 2017! The solid partnerships that Columbia has built with their distribution partners made 2017 Columbia's best year ever! However, there were a few dealers that shined a little brighter than the rest.
These dealers each exhibited excellent sales strategies, exceptional customer service, and a combined commitment to the Columbia brand. These dealers were recognized for their achievements at Columbia's partner conference held on November 14 and 15, 2017. Columbia presented four different levels of awards to dealers, including the Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Rookie of the Year Awards to their partners as follows:

Platinum Partner Award Recipient: Southwest Toyota Lift

Southwest Toyota Lift has dominated their sales territory. They search out leads, provide unmatched customer service to end users, and embody Columbia's mission to provide inspired solutions that move our customers at every turn. "Southwest has a dedicated Columbia specialist, which has contributed greatly to their success in the field. They have a large market share in their territory and continue to support Columbia as a great partner," stated John Groff.
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(Pictured from left to right: Travis Meiries, Columbia National Sales Manager; Ben Rodriguez, Columbia Specialist at Southwest Toyota Lift; Mark Hartman, Southwest Toyota Lift Vice President of Sales; Kirt Little, Owner of Southwest Toyota Lift; Kim Little. Owner Southwest Toyota Lift; John Groff, Columbia Territory Sales Manager; Scott Breckley, Columbia President.)

Gold Partner Recipients: Wiese USA and Equipment Depot

"Weise is a family-owned company that has been with us for over 15 years. They were our first million dollar dealer. A big part of their success is recognizing the need for a Columbia specialist. By having someone focus soley on Columbia, they saw their business with us in the central division double," said Travis Meiries.
C-1(Pictured from left to right; Les German, Columbia Territory Sales Manager; Scott Kallner, Columbia Territory Sales Manager; John Angelicchio, Wiese Sales; Don Turk, Wiese Sales Manager; Scott Breckley, Columbia President; Tom Bennet, Wiese Sales; Keith Falconer, Wiese Sales Division Sales Manager; TJ Dodson, Wiese Chief Operating Officer; Travis Meiries, Columbia National Sales Manager.)
"Equipment Depot is a great partner in that they align with our values. They are responsive and strive to provide solutions that not only move people and materials, but also product control systems and cleaning. They are very flexible and are always striving to meet the end user's needs. Equipment Depot is a valued supporter of Columbia and has always stood behind Columbia products," said Les German.
D-1(Pictured left to right; Les German, Columbia Territory Sales Manager; Pat McDermott, Equipment Depot Sales Manager; Scott Breckley, Columbia President.) 

Silver Partner Award Recipients: Electric Movement, Hawaiian Lift, and Equipco

 Electric Movement has continued to exhibit a 'go-getter' attitude. They have been able to earn the trust of several large companies in the Silicon Valley while maintaining great customer service and support for all customers. "We believe in building good relationships and Electric Movement has done that in spades!" said John Groff.
(Pictured from left to right: John Groff, Columbia Territory Sales Manager; Dan Reuter, Electric Movement Owner ; Scott Breckley, Columbia President.)
"Hawaiian Lift is a family-owned, service first company. Rick and his team in Hawaii have a great reputation, are quick at responding to customers, and are second to none in service. In this business, service is what keeps customers and builds long lasting relationships. This is why Hawaiian Lift is so successful on the island," stated Travis Meiries.
(Pictured left to right: Travis Meirires, Columbia National Sales Manager; Jomathan Ching, Hawaiian Lift Territory Sales Manager; Scott Breckley, Columbia President.)
"Equipco's values mirror ours. Their main focus of solving problems and providing exceptional, responsive service is unmatched in the industry. They believe in partnership rather than just selling," said Les German.
(Pictured left to right: Les German, Columbia Territory Sales Manager; Joe D'Antonio, Equipco Sales Representative; Scott Breckley, Columbia President.)

Rookie of the Year Award Recipient: American Golf Cars

"American Golf Cars believes in the same customer first values as Columbia. They have a proven that the best way to grow their business and sell more Columbia is by going 'all in' with demo vehicles, rental vehicles, and by hiring a specialist. They have already made great relationships with end users, learned how to prospect quality leads, and have provided endless support to their customers," stated Scott Kallner.


(Pictured left to right: Scott Kallner, Columbia Territory Sales Manager; Birju Patel, American Golf Cars President; Dustin Cox, American Golf Cars Vice President; Scott Breckley, Columbia President.)

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