Product Announcement: LSV Pedestrian Alert

Do you work at a busy park, campus, or other outdoor space? If you answered “yes”, then we know that one of your primary concerns is the safety of your visitors, guests, and staff. You need efficient vehicles that can keep up on a public road, but how do you balance that with safety? We wanted to discuss a safety feature that can aid you in accomplishing this!

At Columbia, we equip all of our street legal low-speed vehicles with a pedestrian alert system, a safety feature that audibly alerts pedestrians in the surrounding area about the vehicle approaching. Electric vehicles are often appreciated for their extremely quiet performance, which is an advantage in many situations; however, this same quality can at times be a safety hazard, especially in busy areas with obstructed views, like a parking lot. The Pedestrian Alert ensures that pedestrians will recognize the presence of the vehicle regardless of if they can see the vehicle or operator. The operator can also be assured that there's an extra level of safety when operating in areas they share with pedestrians.



We’re excited to provide you with a balance of Speed, Efficiency, but most importantly, safety in our Street Legal vehicles. Our pedestrian alert also contributes to our LSV’s compliance with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration guidelines. The NHTSA explains the purpose of the feature, “The Pedestrian Safety Act defines “alert sound” as a vehicle emitted sound that enables pedestrians to discern the presence, direction, location, and operation of the vehicle.” This guideline was established within the NHTSA’s Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act of 2010. 

Columbia wants you to know that we make sure to do the background work to ensure your vehicles are compliant with all of your national and local regulations, so you can continue to focus on your job. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our LSV’s and their safety features.  

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