How Columbia Can Help In Your Warehouse or Distribution Center!

Let's have a chat about big buildings… Warehouses and distribution centers are some of the most expansive and impressive industrial structures there are. The top ten largest warehouses in North America as of October 2022 range from 1.1 million square feet to an incredible 10 million square feet! 

As demand increases for consumer goods, these massive industrial spaces continue to become larger and more impressive, and with these larger spaces comes the need to increase the means to complete your tasks. How can Columbia help with that? Why our impressive lineup of electric vehicles, specially equipped to help move, tow, and transport what you need, of course! 

Can you imagine traversing 10 million square feet on foot? Yeah, us either! Columbia offers a versatile and robust lineup with vehicles such as the Utilitruck, equipped with AC-powered electric drive, and a high-strength channel steel frame, as well as towing up to 1,500 pounds. The Utilitruck will make movement around the outside of your warehouse more efficient! The Payloader with a carrying capacity of 2,400 - 4,000 pounds and an optional towing capacity of 18,000 pounds. The Payloader even offers an option for extra seating as well as a custom toolbox and vice add-on for easy fixes on the go!  And our Journeyman, offering 6 different configurations! With options for 2 - 6 passenger seating including a rear-facing option with a drop-side cargo box or van box. The Journeyman can also be ordered as an LSV to serve your needs outside of the warehouse on city streets. You can easily move through any space transporting goods or personnel with power and efficiency! 

Additionally, Columbia partners with Cyngn, a developer of innovative autonomous driving software solutions for industrial and commercial enterprises. With the use of robotic technology, the Columbia Stockchaser allows autonomous vehicles to work alongside humans to create the most effective and proficient team. Read more about our Cyngn partnership here.

Maybe your warehouse isn’t quite THAT large or has been optimized for maximum density. We guarantee there's a vehicle that can help your particular needs, no matter how large or small a space you're working with. Perhaps an Expediter is what you REALLY need. With its narrow design and tight turning radius, the Expediter allows you to navigate through the tightest of spaces. Is there a need for a single team member to get from one side of your workspace to another? With the ability to move three times faster than walking,  you're able to cover more ground in less time with the Chariot. Waste no time getting where you need to go quickly and safely. As an industry leader in safety, we can help you figure out how to get from A to B in the safest manner possible. A few features that contribute to the safety of our vehicles are bright industrial colors, ergonomics, lights, automatic parking brake, and the vehicles' drive system just to name a few

Production transportation logistics can be tricky and moving your personnel and material over large spaces without a plan in place can quickly get out of hand. This is where Columbia Vehicle Group comes in. Our highly skilled and friendly sales team knows all about horizontal material handling and how to help you navigate your internal transportation needs; helping you increase your productivity and eliminate fuel costs with all-electric power. Let us show you how a Columbia electric vehicle can help you prioritize movement and efficiency in your warehouse! Contact our sales team at to set up a vehicle demonstration today!