Under the Hood, Sophisticated Simplicity!

Because Columbia vehicles are so much more than a golf cart, our team of highly qualified engineers are passionate about ensuring each component in a Columbia vehicle is energy efficient and ready to safely move you and your team. Their dedication makes owning and operating a Columbia vehicle a breeze with its sophisticated simplicity!

Here are 5 complex Columbia vehicle elements, simplified:

  • The Controller -  Our controllers contain advanced software technology for a smoother ride. Driving a Columbia vehicle feels like driving the car that took you to work today!
  • Energy Storage - High-efficiency lead acid batteries allow for more energy to make its way to the Controller and then for most of that energy to be transferred to the drive system. Columbia also now offers a lithium battery option in our Utilitruck! Lithium batteries  increase performance and put your mind at ease; with its advanced technology, the controller for our lithium batteries will alert you when energy storage is low instead of unexpectedly losing power completely! Lithium is also maintenance-free, unlike standard batteries that need just a bit more attention. All of our vehicle options allow you to conveniently plug directly into a standard outlet for easy battery charging on the go.
  • The Drivetrain - Responsible for delivering power from the battery to the wheels, Columbia endeavors to have an advanced understanding of the drivetrain duty cycle to help you choose the best vehicle to match your job!
  • Speed Sensitive Power Steering* - While it may not be seen as an essential to some, this complex feature under the hood makes your life easier by delivering only the assist you need, providing you with maximum steering response and driving stability.
  • Safety - The most important vehicle elements under the hood are our safety features. The Columbia team strives to be the safest on the market! Top safety features are brake lights, automatic parking brake, back-up camera, and charger anti-drive-away interlock, which prevents the vehicle from being driven away while actively charging. These features are in place to keep you and your team safe on the job!

Columbia’s Engineering Research and Development department is constantly working to innovate and introduce new products and services, while striving to implement the latest technology in battery charging. Looking to the future, we will continue to evaluate the evolution of energy storage and look for advanced charging solutions beyond lithium.

The takeaway? Columbia has a sophisticated vehicle to make any job you throw at it, simple. Contact our team at info@columbiausa.com to find out what Columbia can do to simplify your workload! Or locate one of our exceptional dealers at http://hubs.ly/Q01nQ2730.

All features mentioned in this article may not be available on all models.