Vehicle Maintenance Tips

We know that you have probably decreased use if not totally shut down your vehicle fleet due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but hopefully, you’re now able to safely reactivate your fleet of vehicles. As your vehicles get back to work, these tips will help you put them back into service safely and effectively.

  1. Perform a thorough inspection of all wiring harnesses with particular attention to evidence of rodent habitation. If evidence is found, it may be necessary to remove vehicle components for a more detailed inspection. Rodent damage to wire harnesses can cause severe failures.
  2. Inspect electrical connections for corrosion and clean, as necessary.
  3. Operate the brakes and monitor for correct performance. After operating, ensure the pedal returns to its correct ready position.
  4. Operate the throttle and monitor for correct performance. After operating, ensure it returns to the correct ready position.
  5. Measure battery pack voltage. Extremely low voltages may require independent charging before the vehicle charger will charge the battery pack. Extreme low voltages will fall in these ranges: 5.3V and lower for 6V batteries, 7.2V and lower for 8V Batteries, 10.3V and lower on 12V batteries.

These simple tips will help ensure your vehicle is ready to once again begin working for you. If you find any damage during these inspections, make sure to contact your local dealer so they can provide the parts and service that may be needed to get your vehicles back to peak performance.

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