Stockchaser Redesigned

Good enough is never good enough for Columbia. Even though our Stockchaser is one of the industry's best selling stock-picking vehicles, we have never stopped looking for ways to improve it. We are proud to announce the latest evolution to the Stockchaser. We have made several changes to the Stockchaser with an eye on improving its Speed, Strength, and Value. 

Speed - A stock-picker's job demands they operate at optimum efficiency. While redesigning the Stockchaser, we knew customers praised its turning performance, cargo capacity, stability, and operating visibility. Those customers will be happy to know the elements of the Stockchaser that have a major impact on their ability to do their job are just as good or better than they were before.

Strength - Columbia's Stockchaser has the industry's only tubular steel chassis. We have improved its class-leading strength in three key areas: the strength of the front fork has been increased by 55%; the backrest support has been beefed up; and the vehicles sides are now fully enclosed. These improvements all mean the strongest stock-picking vehicle in the industry just got stronger! The change to the side panel of the Stockchaser also has the added benefit of reducing the amount of debris or water that can can find its way into the battery compartment.

Value - A stronger vehicle that lasts longer and helps you do your job more efficiently ultimately brings more value to your business. Columbia seeks to build products that add value to your business and the new Stockchaser represents the latest inspired solution that moves our customers.

You should always demand the best, and that's why we never stop improving our products! Visit our dealer locator to find the nearest dealer of Stockchasers in your area.

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