Meet the Stockchaser!

Columbia's Stockchaser is our lineup's most compact industrial vehicle. While it has some well-known uses, the Stockchaser offers surprising versatility. To help convey these many functions, let's dive into three specific jobs the Stockchaser excels in.


Columbia Stockchaser-Climbing Ladder Warehouse

Compact Material Handling

The Stockchaser is best known for its maneuverability while maintaining the ability to carry your heaviest of loads. Whether you navigate a warehouse, distribution center, or any other tight space, the Stockchaser will make your job easy. Not only does the Stockchaser boast an impressive 66.5-inch turning radius, but curated options like a stepladder for reaching higher shelves will ensure that you’re equipped in every facet for maximum efficiency. 


Transporting Passengers

While Columbia’s Stockchaser is most commonly used in industrial spaces, it’s also the perfect vehicle for indoor guest transport. With the Stockchaser Transport package, you’re equipped with a comfortable, compact vehicle to serve up to six passengers. Our Stockchaser Transport is perfect for your hospital, airport, or any other sizable indoor space where your guests need to be given a pleasant, timely ride.

Columbia Stockchaser-Handicap Transportation Package Upfit-Airport

Versatile Towing

While we’ve gone through the Stockchaser’s most well-known uses, this Columbia model still boasts impressive capability in another function that is often overlooked or under-utilized: towing. The Stockchaser’s base model comes standard with a towing capacity of up to 1000 lbs, but this can be upgraded by 600% with the towing package! While Columbia offers other robust models that are built to handle the heaviest of loads, the Stockchaser is the perfect compact vehicle for towing through tight aisles or in any other limited space!

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