Meet the Payloader PRO

The Columbia Payloader PRO is built for work and comfort. Perfectly at home in both industrial and commercial spaces, this addition to the Payloader family brings tried and true versatility & reliability, with aesthetics and tools for modern work.

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Built for Comfort

The Payloader PRO features an expanded operator area that centers ergonomics with its tilt adjust steering wheel, adjustable seats, and fine-tuned pedal placement empowering users of all heights and shoe sizes! Operators in both commercial & industrial spaces will appreciate its expanded operator area and additional legroom, plus its 12v and USB power sources, cupholders, and zippy AC Drive. 

Built for Work

Redesigned with a coil over shock front suspension, the Payloader PRO will glide through your worksite without compromising towing and cargo capacities. It is available in standard duty with payload capacity of 2,000 lbs and towing capacity up to 6,500 lbs & heavy duty with payload capacity of 3,000 lbs and towing capacity up to 10,000 lbs! The Payloader PRO also comes standard with AC Drive to give you the torque you need to handle hills and grades with ease.

The Payloader PRO’s AC drive has an integrated motor brake, giving your team peace of mind at never forgetting to set a brake when parking; and its standard 48-volt system offers an integrated DC/DC converter allowing you to choose some additional powered accessories worry-free. Speaking of powering accessories, the Payloader PRO comes standard with the full range of LED head, tail, brake, and reverse lights. Our newest vehicle also boasts a work-friendly deck load height of twenty-seven and a half inches, rugged integrated bumpers, and the best turning radius of its class! 

PayPro Blog body images including a yellow payloader pro without a hard top and an orange payloader pro with a hard top both including additional seating

Smart Connected Technology

The Payloader PRO offers modern technology to help you monitor and maintain your fleet. Its standard digital display offers on-board diagnostics and a real-time battery discharge indicator (BDI).  Regenerative braking improves range and reduces wear on wheel brakes. The Payloader PRO is also telematics-ready for next-level monitoring and locating services for your fleet! 

Highly Configurable

We’re proud to offer the Payloader PRO with a full range of options to meet the highly configurable standard you’ve come to expect from Columbia vehicles. Payloader PRO offers a folding second seat option for up to 4 passengers, optional cab with or without doors, and optional powder-coated overhead cargo rack. The Payloader PRO has no shortage of cargo and storage options to choose from, too: locking doors for the rear storage areas, side storage options, folding side panels to contain cargo on the deck, or an enclosed van body with your choice of lift-up or double doors on all 3 sides. 

Reach out to learn more and take your fleet PRO today!