Meet the Columbia Journeyman - The Answer to All Your Productivity Obstacles!

New here? Let us introduce you to one of the best kept secrets in the industry. Not so new or maybe a part of the Columbia Vehicle Group fan club? Let's touch base on what's so special about this transportation workhorse.

Created with versatility in mind, Columbia’s Journeyman is truly Built For Work. Out performing all of its competitors and holding the longest run time in the industry, the Journeyman has the curb appeal for every application, whether it be for a luxury resort or for large scale manufacturing. With an incredibly smooth ride, the Journeyman’s  suspension provides the ergonomics necessary to keep you moving comfortably all day long across various tasks.

Why do we know you’ll love the Journeyman? Because it comes loaded with so many standard features! From the 4-wheel hydraulic braking system and automatic parking brake to the integrated rear bumper, radial tires, and 3-point safety seatbelt, the Journeyman is packed with features straight off the line, making you feel like you're driving a full sized vehicle. 

To help light your way, the Journeyman comes equipped with high/low beam headlights, tail and brake lights,  emergency flashers, and dome light. Self canceling turn signals allow you to safely indicate your direction. Charge your Journeyman with ease using the on board charger. Simply plug in to any available standard outlet between stops.

Do you need a street legal LSV vehicle? Equipped with a rear-view camera, the Journeyman’s got your back. Add on a drop-side cargo box or our ever-popular rear-facing back seat option and watch how easily your guest transportation vehicle turns into the most important grounds and maintenance support vehicle in your fleet. And with 8 different seating configurations, the Journeyman allows you the ability to customize your vehicle to accommodate whatever your passenger seating needs may be. Carrying just two passengers or 8, Journeyman’s AC drive allows you to do so without loss of power while getting you where you need to go. Even uphill! Both ways. In the snow. 

Columbia’s Journeyman is more than your everyday golf cart. With its mixture of standard features, vast capabilities, and competitive pricing, the Journeyman represents something unlike anything else on the market - a tremendous value! Visit Columbia’s Journeyman Page to set up a vehicle demonstration and learn even more about what the Journeyman can do to increase your productivity today!