Have You Met the Stockchaser?

The Stockchaser is a compact industrial vehicle that is well-known for its maneuverability and strength. However, this versatile vehicle has many uses that may surprise you. Let's explore three specific jobs where the Stockchaser excels. 

Compact Material Handling

The Stockchaser’s compact design and impressive strength make it the perfect vehicle for navigating tight spaces. Whether you’re working in a warehouse or distribution center, the Stockchaser can easily transport your heaviest loads. With a turning radius of just 66.5 inches, you can easily maneuver through narrow aisles. The Stockchaser also offers curated options, such as a stepladder, to help you reach higher shelves and maximize efficiency. 

Transporting Passengers

Although the Stockchaser is primarily used in industrial spaces, it’s also an excellent choice for transporting guests indoors. The Stockchaser Transport can comfortably seat up to six passengers, making it the ideal vehicle for hospitals, airports, or any other sizable indoor space. With the Stockchaser Transport, you can give your guests a pleasant and timely ride.

Versatile Towing

The Stockchaser is a powerful towing vehicle that is often overlooked. The base model can tow up to 1000 lbs, but this can be increased by 600% with the towing package. While Columbia offers other heavy-duty models for towing the heaviest of loads, the Stockchaser is the perfect compact vehicle for towing through narrow aisles or any other limited space. 

In conclusion, the Stockchaser by Columbia is a versatile industrial vehicle that can handle a variety of tasks with ease. Whether you need to transport heavy loads, passengers, or tow equipment, the Stockchaser has got you covered. With its compact design and impressive strength, the Stockchaser is the ideal vehicle for navigating tight spaces and maximizing efficiency. Let's get started streamlining your material handling operations with the Columbia Stockchaser. Reach out using your preferred contact method today! https://bit.ly/3nqT2sl

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