Customer Success

At Columbia, we pride ourselves on being a relationship company. We strive to give our customers the best possible experience whenever interacting with us. Our Customer Success Team - Kelly, Natalie, Nick, Iris, Brianna, Nic R. and Seth - has been recognized by many of our dealers and end-users for their outstanding customer service and willingness to help. Each comes from a different background in the company - marketing, operations, technical support, parts, and inventory - so they are ready to tackle any question or need you have! 

Resources For You

We have recently been taking more steps to enhance our customer service. We have updated numerous areas of of our website for your convenience. With these updates, many of your questions can be answered almost immediately. 

  • Support Center - Columbia's Support Center is a vital resource, where you can search our knowledge base, dealer locator, and online parts ordering website. You'll also find information about how to find your vehicle's VIN, flash code interpretation, access to vehicle manuals, or even watch tutorial videos. 
  • Learn - Click the "Learn" button on our website to find more helpful information including: company details, FAQ's, owner's manuals, and access to our blog.

Our Top 3 Asked Questions

Here are the top 3 questions our Customer Success Team gets the most. Maybe you've had these same questions, too!

  1. Where can I locate and/or buy parts for my electric vehicle?
    - If you are not an authorized Columbia dealer, head over to our dealer locator to find your nearest authorized Columbia dealer.
    - If you are an authorized Columbia dealer, head over to the support center, and then visit our parts website
  2. Where can I service my gas vehicle?
    - Columbia stopped manufacturing gas vehicles around two decades ago.
    - If you are in need of an upgrade, give us or a local dealer a call.
    - If you are in need of parts for a classic gas vehicle, please contact Kraft Implement in Columbus, WI, as they are primarily a gas vehicle servicing dealer. 
  3. What is the cost of a Columbia vehicle?
    - Price varies based on our different models and custom specifications. 
    - You can get a quote through your local dealer, by contacting our Customer Success team, or one of our regional sales managers.