Columbia’s Stockchaser: Built For Work, Built For You!

At Columbia, we're committed to providing reliable, high quality vehicles that improve your efficiency and productivity no matter what industry you work for. It's an exciting time to be a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles and we have something for everyone. We’re excited to provide our customers with innovative vehicles that meet their diverse needs.

This week we continue highlighting the Columbia Stockchaser. This highly maneuverable and versatile electric vehicle is ideal for use in many spaces, but we’re going to take a closer look at its use in airports and warehouses as well as how using the Stockchaser as an autonomous burden carrier is changing the material handling industry as we know it.



Used to transport passengers, luggage, and equipment, the Columbia Stockchaser is your go to for both inside and outside the terminal. A tight turning radius makes it easy to maneuver in crowded spaces and the standup operation allows the driver to observe their passengers to ensure safety while maintaining a comfortable position. With a customizable cargo deck the Stockchaser is ready for a heavy load delivering luggage or hauling equipment from terminal to terminal.


Material Handling

The Stockchaser is uniquely suited to moving incredibly heavy loads through very narrow spaces. With an optional upfit package, you are able to increase the Stockchasers towing capacity to 6,000 lbs. It can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any operation. Features such as the attached 4 or 6-step ladder allow you to access hard to reach spaces directly from your vehicle, when other equipment may not have access. Low maintenance requirements make this eco-friendly, electric powered vehicle an attractive option for companies trying to optimize their material handling processes.


Autonomous Capabilities

The Columbia Stockchaser is a popular choice in the material handling world. Everyone is looking for ways to streamline their warehouse operations and increase their efficiency! A standard Stockchaser becomes a highly advanced autonomous vehicle with the use of Cyngn’s autonomous driving software solutions.  Its ability to operate autonomously means that your business can save time and resources by continuing to get tasks completed with fewer bodies to move materials around your facility. With its advanced obstacle detection system an autonomous Stockchaser has the ability to safely navigate around any obstacle avoiding collisions and reducing accidents. 

Move people, move equipment, move with a Columbia Stockchaser! Stop wasting time with inefficient transportation solutions, let's order your new Stockchaser today! Reach out using your chosen method of communication and we’ll get the ball rolling!

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