Columbia's New Sanitization Units

This year has brought new challenges and problems to overcome for people and businesses around the world. Keeping your people safe has always been a priority, but today that means more than it has in the past. Columbia wants to help you keep your surfaces clean and sanitized to limit the spread of Covid-19 and other contaminates. 

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We have developed custom Sanitization Units like this Journeyman and Stockchaser to aid you in the fight against Covid-19. The tank will feed to both a handheld sprayer as well as three mounted nozzles on the rear of the vehicle that will spray behind vehicle as it moves. The Journeyman can function on a large campus to sanitize door handles on multiple buildings. The Stockchaser could be used on the interior of a warehouse or concourse to sanitize the many surfaces that your staff and customers interact with on a daily basis.

These vehicles fit your needs to both transport your large campuses as well as maneuver in tighter areas and through aisles and doorways.


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Reach out to us with questions about what we can do to help your team during this time and we will be happy provide a solution for you.