Payloader PRO

The Payloader PRO focuses on ergonomics, including an expanded operator area, tilt-adjust steering, and fine-tuned pedal placement.

Columbia's Payloader PRO can pull double duty between personnel and cargo transport while moving seamlessly between indoor and outdoor applications all in the same shift. This new vehicle model boasts a tighter turning radius and has AC drive with an auto-set parking brake. With a smartphone-connected controller, on-board diagnostics, battery discharge indicator, and optional telematics services, the Payloader PRO keeps your team connected and charged throughout their day! The Payloader PRO brings the durability and versatility of the Payloader to commercial spaces and is designed and built proudly in the USA at our factory in Wisconsin.


  • Enhanced Turning Radius
  • Bed Length - 77"
  • 12-gauge steel smooth plate body
  • Steel powder-coated bulkhead
  • AC Drive standard
  • Automatic parking brake
  • Tilt-Adjust Steering Wheel

Popular options

  • Heater/defroster
  • Cab with doors
  • Latching folding side panels
  • Overhead ladder rack
  • Cargo van enclosures
  • Tire/wheel combinations
  • Foldaway 2nd Seat
  • Strobe light
  • Power assist steering



Step Height: 14.5 in.
Load Bed Height: 27.5 in.
Ground Clearance: 4.5 in.


Max Speed Forward: 14 MPH
Turning Radius: Curb-to-Curb: 122 in. 
Range: Up to 30 miles

Weight and Capacity

  Standard Duty  Heavy Duty
Vehicle Weight:

2 pass. 1,865 lbs. | 4 pass. 1,960 lbs.

2 pass. 1,915 lbs. | 4 pass. 2,010 lbs.

Rated Capacity: 2,o00 lbs. 3,o00 lbs.
Towing Capacity: 6,500 lbs. 10,000 lbs.

Power Train

  Standard Duty Heavy Duty

5kW AC Induction motor w/ parking brake

8kW AC Induction motor w/ parking brake


Eight 6-volt, heavy-duty, 232 amp hour deep cycle


Built-in, micro-processor control, fully sealed, anti-drive away interlock, 110-240 VAC, 50 / 60 HZ

Controller Type:

Programmable, solid state, reduced speed reverse with diagnostic LED & calibrator interface

Controller Rating: 440 amp
Motor Braking Mode:

Regenerative with top speed limiting

Directional Control:

Dash-mounted safety directional rocker switch

Drive Unit/Differential:

Direct drive, automotive differential, 12.62:1 drive ratio

Direct drive, automotive differential, 16.67:1 drive ratio


Passenger Capacity: 2 with up to 4 (optional second-row seating)

Front row: bucket seats with armrests, driver side adjustable; 2nd row: bench seats


Welded heavy-duty; 12-gauge structural steel smooth plate body; steel powder-coated bulkhead


Dual recessed LED headlights; LED tail and brake lights; reverse lights


Multifunctional display with digital speedometer,  battery discharge indicator & hour meter; DC/DC converter; high/low speed switch; cup holders; passenger side storage pocket; USB and 12v accessory power; reverse warning alarm; driver seat power interlock switch



  Standard Duty Heavy Duty

Unitized, powder coated smooth plate steel, 1/4” thick structure


Tilt adjust automotive steering wheel to gearbox


Rear-wheel hydraulic drum brakes,
automatic parking brake

4-wheel hydraulic, front discs, rear drums,
automatic parking brake


Front suspension coilover shocks; rear suspension leaf springs


5.70” x 8”, pneumatic, 8-ply rating, load range D   

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Features, options, specifications, color availability and model designation are subject to change without notice. Some vehicles are pictured with options that may be available at extra cost or may not be available on some models. Ask your dealer about the availability of options and verify that the vehicle you order includes the equipment you require.

  1. Range will vary depending upon load, temperature, terrain, driving style and battery pack selected.
  2. Rated capacity includes personnel, cargo, options and accessories.