Custom Platform

The Custom Platform can be configured hundreds of different ways to fit your unique load carrying and towing needs.

Columbia's most versatile custom platform is available in several axle, battery and drive configurations, which makes it the ultimate platform on which a vehicle configured specific to your needs and application can be customized.


  • Bed Length 96"
  • Steel box beam frame
  • Front and rear steel bumpers
  • Perfect platform for customization
  • Dual head and tail lights
  • Adjustable bucket seats
  • Class H motor insulation

Popular options

  • Seat belts
  • Steel cab with doors
  • Hour meter
  • Battery exchange system
  • Turn signals
  • DC to DC converters
  • In-motion beeper



Step Height: 11.5 in.
Load Bed Height: 28 in.
Ground Clearance: 5 in.


  Heavy Duty Extreme Duty
Max Speed Forward: 15 MPH
Turning Radius: 368 in. Curb-to-curb 372 in. Curb-to-curb
Range: Up to 30 miles

Weight and Capacity

  Heavy Duty Extreme Duty
Vehicle Weight: 1,780 lbs. 1,630 lbs.
Rated Capacity: 6,000 lbs. 3,500 lbs.
Towing Capacity: 6,000 lbs. 3,500 lbs.

Power Train

  Heavy Duty Extreme Duty
Totally enclosed, NEMA class H temperature rated motor
Separately excited, NEMA class H temperature rated
Horsepower: Dual 16.8 HP 19.5 HP
Batteries: Eight, 6 volt, 232 amp hour, 122 minute
Charger: Built in, micro-processor control, fully sealed, anti-drive away interlock, 110-240 VAC, 50 / v60 HZ
Controller Type: Programmable, solid state, reduced speed reverse with diagnostic LED & calibrator interface
Controller Rating: 500 amp
Motor Braking Mode: Regenerative and pedal proportional braking with top speed limiting
Directional Control:
Drive Unit/Differential: Direct drive, oil bath, helical gears; drive ratio 16.77:1


Passenger Capacity:
Seating: Adjustable bucket seats with arm rests
Body: 14-gauge structural steel smooth plate front body panels
Lighting: Dual recessed head, Tail and brake lights
Accessories: In-motion beeper, Forward and reverse, Hour meter, Driver seat power interlock switch, Horn, Single point battery watering system, Steel bulkhead, Battery discharge indicator, 48-V DC to 12-V DC converter, Composite deck board with High Density Polyethylene overlay


Frame: Structural steel channel rail style chassis
Steering: Hydraulic pump and piston, manually operated
Brakes: Hydraulic brakes, Front disc/rear drum, Hand operated parking brake
Suspension: Semi-independent with leaf springs
Tires: 145/R12 radial pneumatic tires 21” x 5.5” x 12”

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Features, options, specifications, color availability and model designation are subject to change without notice. Some vehicles are pictured with options that may be available at extra cost or may not be available on some models. Ask your dealer about the availability of options and verify that the vehicle you order includes the equipment you require.

  1. Range will vary depending upon load, temperature, terrain, driving style and battery pack selected.
  2. Rated capacity includes personnel, cargo, options and accessories.