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Journeyman Sprayer Unit (outside school with me on)

Columbia wants to support all of your school staff and students around the country, no matter what "back to school" looks like in your area. We've up-fit our commercial vehicles with the perfect features for your custodial, security and admission teams! Our Mission Ready Sprayer, Security, and Transport Vehicles are here to equip your team to maintain a clean campus. Contact us to find out more about our Mission Ready Vehicles today!



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The Ideal Fleet for Your Security Team

Along with our sprayer units to maintain a clean, safe campus, Columbia knows your security team also needs to have the range to patrol your campus. Our Mission Ready Security Vehicles give your team the confidence to keep an eye on what they need to, no matter the climate or time of day.

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Mission Ready Property Upkeep Vehicles

Columbia's team has curated its commercial vehicles to save you time and money on your property upkeep fleet. Find out more about our Mission Ready Groundskeeping and Housekeeping Vehicles today!

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More About Us

For over 70 years, Columbia has manufactured vehicles in America that enhance productivity, comfort, and utility in a variety of settings and functions. Designed for maximum efficiency, longevity, and ease-of-use in any environment, our pure electric vehicles help you achieve peak operational performance in transporting, carrying, and towing–all with zero emissions.

Stockchaser Sprayer Unit (in gym) 1200

Columbia's New Sprayer Units

Columbia wants to help you keep your surfaces clean and sanitized to limit the spread of Covid-19 and other contaminates. We have developed custom Sprayer Units like this Stockchaser to aid you in the fight against Covid-19. 

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